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When I first wrote about the SQUEEGiT, I mentioned that they promised to send me one. They did, and I received it a few days ago. Read on to see if it delivers on its promises.

The SQUEEGiT is quite perfectly named. It’s essentially a smaller version of a rubber squeegee, with a spray bottle with cleaning liquid built in. There’s no cloth-like material that absorbs the liquid and it instead relies on pushing the “used” cleaning liquid off the edge of the screen using one of the two rubber edges. This means it can generate a bit of a mess, and you should be careful with using too much of it. It’s alcohol-based and doesn’t conduct electricity, but that doesn’t mean you want your tablet covered with it.

You do need a fair bit of liquid to clean the screen, as you need something to squeegee off. If you use too little, it leaves some “wet spots”. It still left some for me, which might be because I use a screen protector on my iPad but more likely it’s just the way it is. When using a squeegee like this you should always have a cloth to do the final wiping anyways.

The result of using the SQUEEGiT is quite phenomenal though- especially with a cloth to do the final wipe. The issue with microfiber cloths is that they absorb the dirt and so they degrade over time, until you can’t clean much with them anymore (unless you wash them of course). Since the SQUEEGiT doesn’t absorb anything it should work for much longer before needing replacement, which is why they offer a refill for the spray. The SQUEEGiT also handles the job of removing the dirt/grease from the screen, so the final wipe with a microfiber cloth should ruin the cloth.

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I’ve used the SQUEEGiT and a microfiber cloth to clean my screen quite a few times now and it’s always resulted in a perfect result, much better than anything I’ve experienced with other cleaning solutions- which includes just microfiber cloths, cloths and cleaning solution and a sponge-like microfiber pad.

It’s also worth mentioning that the SQUEEGiT refill (called CLEANAiD) kills germs, so once you clean the screen it’s not just finger print free but also germ free. It can even be used as a hand sanitizer.

The SQUEEGiT and CLEANAiD refill combo currently costs $15, which isn’t bad. I still advice people to use it with a microfiber cloth, but that doesn’t mean the SQUEEGiT doesn’t make cleaning a screen a lot easier. It certainly works better than any other cleaning kit I’ve tried.


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2 thoughts on “SQUEEGiT review

  • So if you have a case on, you need to take it off, I suppose. I guess this makes it more of a cleaning tool for when at home or something, rather than a quick and portable way to clean your screen on the go.

    I think I might try one, sounds good.

    • If the case has an edge, then that would be best indeed. Or your could be careful about where you “leave” the cleaning fluid and wipe it up with a microfiber cloth before it hides under the case


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