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DesktopSMS allows forwarding HTC EVO SMS messages to Gmail/Gtalk and back

DesktopSMS From Koush, the maker of ClockworkMod Recovery, comes the ability to send a SMS from your HTC EVO to your Gmail, Gtalk, or both, with the ability to reply from your computer or tablet.

Currently in open beta, DesktopSMS is a slick app that gives you the flexibility to stop looking at your phone every time a SMS comes in and instead allows you to just answer from your computer. The person who is getting the return message will not be  confused because the app allows you to push the message back through SMS (so the receiver will think you just texted them back from your phone).

There are other apps in the Market that offer similar functionality, but there is one big difference in how DesktopSMS works. Unlike other apps that require a browser plug-in or a dedicated web interface front end, this does it all through Gmail.

Hopefully this will help spell the end of days to SMS messages written 1N a myst3riou5 lang y0!

Again this app is free in an open beta stage, which is also a warning that there are some bugs to be dealt with. ClockworkMod is taking all error reports on its Facebook page and has been responsive in terms of updates and fixing issues that people are reporting.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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5 thoughts on “DesktopSMS allows forwarding HTC EVO SMS messages to Gmail/Gtalk and back

  • FYI, I already use Google Voice on my desktop to accomplish the same thing.

  • Looks nice, I wonder how it compares to Mighty Text and some of the other desktop SMS/notification solutions.

  • i like MightyText which adds caller ID.

  • Using Mighty Text now have been for a while (through its multiple name changes) I like the idea of bypassing the browser and using gmail/gchat tho…. may have to check this one out….


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