Lightbox makes sharing images from Dell Streak easier

LightboxIf you are the social photographer type (somewhat like me), then you'll want the best photo service to share the pictures you've taken with your Dell Streak.

Lightbox, dubbed "The Connected Camera," may be exactly what you're looking for. The app works really well by easily snapping the image using the native Streak Camera app or the shortcut to Lightbox’s Camera application found in your app drawer, and letting you choose from various filters and then share the photo to Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, or your Tumblr blog.

One of the filters available is called Instafix, which automatically fixes your image by correcting the color balances of the image. The other filters include: Black & White, Retro (which gives a 70's film style look to your images), Cross Process/XPro, and Fisheye.

One of the main features of Lightbox is that it pulls in all the images from your Facebook News Feed and Twitter stream; however, in my experience it only pulls in the images from Facebook, which is a shame because many of my friends post their pictures on Twitter instead. Hopefully this will be resolved in a future update.

The UI for viewing images is very clean, and the rest of Lightbox's UI is very simplistic and minimalist as well.

The app has three tabs at the top: Popular, My Lightbox, and News. The Popular tab pulls in the images of the day from Flickr, My Lightbox is where the images from your social networks are, and the News tab pulls in images from the New York Times.

The app will also sync your settings and other preferences so if you set up the app on your Streak 5 and then install it on your Streak 7, all your settings will be there waiting for you (after you log into your Lightbox account, of course).

Lightbox is supposedly to be an Instagram killer. Instagram, for those of you don't know, is an extremely popular photo-sharing application available on Apple's iOS platform. I have used it on my friend's iPhone and while both apps are very similar with the social camera/connected camera aspect, I believe Lightbox has a more polished UI.

I strongly urge you to try out Lightbox and recommend it to all your Android device-wielding friends.


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