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Take 3D pictures in portrait mode on HTC EVO 3D

3d-portraitmode Anyone who has tried to take 3D pictures in anything but landscape mode on the HTC EVO 3D has probably been met with this message: “Please hold the handset in landscape orientation for optimal 3D effects.”

This limitation makes sense. In case you haven’t noticed, when you take a 3D picture in landscape mode on your EVO 3D, the dual cameras are lined up horizontally, just like your own eyes. Since the cameras are vertical in portrait mode, it’s more difficult for our horizontal eyes to process these.

There is a workaround, however. If you hold the EVO 3D horizontally and set a timer before you take the picture (Menu > Self-timer), you can then turn the phone back into portrait mode while the timer is counting down. You’ll still get that same warning message, but the phone will take the picture.

The only downside is that these 3D pictures will appear sideways, but just turn auto-rotation off when viewing your photos (Menu > Settings > Display > Auto-rotate screen), and you should be good to go!

And in case you are reading this on your EVO 3D, just click the image above to download the original test shot I took using this method, or click here.

Thanks, tinhoy!

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5 thoughts on “Take 3D pictures in portrait mode on HTC EVO 3D

  • Yep not seeing how this works.

  • It doesn’t. It’s still landscape 3D and not portrait 3D which is impossible due to the camera alignment, but I am guessing the revelation is that you can actually take a picture with the phone held like that.

  • Hey, It worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip! Now how do I get the zoom to work while using 3D mode?

  • Makes complete sense… except for that whole issue of humans being able to tilt their heads to the side, or that I can still see with both eyes while I lay on my side. I can understand only being able to see in 3D when holding the phone in landscape (the Parallax Lens requires that), I can understand putting up the little warning about “Landscape being ‘Best’ for 3D pics”, but no way in hell is denying me the ability to take 3D pics in anything but ‘Landscape’ (and within 25-30 degrees of tilt from it) as anything but idiotic.


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