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SlickWraps bring personality and some protection to your HTC EVO 4G


There was a time when I protected my HTC EVO 4G with a layer of foam and plastic wrapped the screen in a polymer blend capable of repelling a drill. I coveted an impact-resistant waterproof work case to keep my phone from ever knowing a scratch. That was when the EVO 4G was new, in limited supply, and cost a pretty penny. Those days are gone.

I should start off by saying I didn't end up liking SlickWraps, the adhesive skin you see above, and the review you'll find below will reflect that.

I didn't dislike the products because of the material they're made of, which apparently can repel fireworks and seems to be well made. No, what turned me off was their laminate look and feel, along with the complete lack of protection for the corners and sides of the phone (the only place that my EVO lands when it falls).

No matter how many times I take the picture, they never show up I received two Carbon Fiber (white and black) and one Brushed Steel Full Body Wrap SlickWraps to play with. My wife wanted to try out the white one.

I prepared a clean space to work, peeled off the back sticker, and watched as a cat hair tumbleweed appeared out of nowhere and attached itself to the back of the sticker. After pulling that off, I went through several attempts to get it to properly adhere and conform to the back of her case. I determined that a curved case and flat sticker do not work properly together in my universe. I flattened the back out as best I could and it looked okay but not great. Peeling the front sticker off involved getting a knife, as it was somehow attached through the sheet and was pulling up the paper backing. No matter how I tried, the front ended up not working for me and after about five minutes I gave up and settled on a "as good as it's going to get" installation.

The transformation of my wife's phone was complete. It had gone from being a black EVO encased in a hard case of pink skulls and crossbones with full corner protection (which she purchased for $5 at a farmer's market) into a stickered, slightly smaller EVO that looked like it was attempting to recreate the look and feel of a 1970s laminate kitchen countertop. The black Home, Menu, Back, and Search buttons peeked out of their now white surroundings, which contrast with the all back sides. It sort of looked like a penguin or a zebra.

The black Carbon Fiber SlickWrap looks significantly less out of place. Perhaps the white should only be applied to a white EVO; however, that's not how it's advertised. The backs of the EVOs, due to the curve and battery hatch, always seem to have a tiny bit of the SlickWrap exposed, which is useful if you want to remove lint from your pocket.

I was originally thinking I had no ability to apply the front sticker, as you'll note it appears to curve in at the top, but that appears to be the norm judging by the pictures of the white SlickWrap on the manufacturer's website. While theirs is better applied than mine, it still doesn't seem to conform properly to the edges.

Coming in at $18 a pop, these are pretty pricey for limited protection and very variable looks depending on your sticker application skills. At that price I'd at least want them to glow in the dark, which a similar product they sell that was previously featured on G&E does. The frustration level to apply was also fairly high, ending with me wanting to kick puppies and shred the remaining SlickWraps.

The protection offered only really extends to the battery door, which can be purchased along with a battery for less than what one SlickWrap sticker costs. They are named Carbon Fiber Full Body Wraps but do not wrap the full body of the EVO (no side, top, bottom, corner, or kickstand protection).

I'd advise against these for the EVO 4G as anything more than a very expensive sticker.

SlickWraps can be purchased via the manufacturer's website and other retailers.

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