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Sprint now offering daily, weekly, and monthly prepaid pricing for HTC EVO View 4G users


Good news for HTC EVO View 4G users: starting this week, customers who purchased the tablet at full price without a monthly data plan now have the option to purchase daily, weekly, or monthly data passes with no overages and no recurring monthly charges.

Prices start at $14.99 for a day pass that includes 150MB of 3G/4G usage, including 50MB of off-network roaming. Weekly passes are $29.99 for 500MB, which includes 100 MB off-network, and monthly passes are $49.99 for 1.5GB, including 150MB of off-network data usage.

Granted, these prices might not seem like anything to write home about when compared to Sprint’s regular monthly data plans, which range from $19.99 for 1 GB of 3G-only data access, up to $89.99 for 10GB of 3G data and unlimited 4G data.

Still, this is better than similar offerings by AT&T and Verizon. Additionally, to entice off-contract EVO View users to try these plans out, Sprint is offering a free day of 3G/4G data usage to anyone who uses promo code Free Day.

Users who currently own unactivated devices can activate service through the Sprint Zone app on their EVO View tablet. It’s definitely good to see Sprint offering options for a variety of different users whose needs might differ from a typical postpaid on-contract user.

[Sprint via Android Central]
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6 thoughts on “Sprint now offering daily, weekly, and monthly prepaid pricing for HTC EVO View 4G users

  • Im willing to bet MikG is working or already has a root for this tablet.

  • Avatar of Patrick

    Wow. Tablet owners are getting raped at those prices. It would be cheaper in the long run to just buy a phone with a contract, root, then wifi tether to the tablet.

  • Avatar of Waydaddy

    WOW INDEED! RAPE!!! I have a love… hate… relationship w/ Sprint Guess what my largest utility bill is.

  • Avatar of Gutierrez

    Why pay for 4g, when it only works outdoors?

  • Those are the worst prices I’ve ever seen for data usage. How could you even stream a netflix movie with those bandwidth limits

  • Avatar of none of your buisness!

    Haha sorry but att prices are better… 50 dollars a month for unlimited everything. (Prepaid) you need to learn value.


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