Toshiba slimming down for its next Android tablet

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It looks like the chunky Toshiba Thrive has a partner coming out of the shadows soon. Toshiba, which made a name for itself in a niche section of the Android world for its full size ports, removable battery, and changeable back covers with the Thrive, will unveil an ultra-thin Android tablet this September at IFA says NotebookItalia.

Apparently the head execs at Toshiba have realized that bigger isn’t always better, and are set to unveil this new 10-inch slate that will be half as thin as the Thrive. Out are the full size USB ports, SD card slot, and full size HDMI port. Instead you get the more preferable (at least when you have a portable device) micro-sizes. Toshiba didn’t stop there though, instead they’ll wrap the new slate in a bushed metal frame to bring some luxury into the mix. The internals get a serious spec bump with the a 1.5GHz dual-core OMAP4460 processor behind the wheel according to AndroidandMe.

What’s this all mean? Well we should expect a monster jump in the quality of tablets coming this Fall for the Android lineup. The new Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one gorgeous piece of hardware that Toshiba clearly looks to be aiming for. This is where Android does well, and we should really start to see the platform take off now that there is some real iPad 2 competition…at least in the hardware department.

[NotebookItalia via AndroidandMe]


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