Desk Pets Tankbot now available

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Ah, the end of the year is near. How do I know? Because of those things we say at various trade shows at the beginning of the year are starting to ship. One of them is the Tankbot, a tiny robot vehicle thingy that Desk Pets showed off many moons ago. The $25 (yes, 25 – cheap!)  robot can be remote controlled from an iOS or Android device using the corresponding apps (iOS, Android) which is what makes this thing worth having. It also has two other modes; one where it free roams and has lights and sound (R2D2 mode?) and one where it takes a step closer to becoming Skynet by independently navigating obstacles and mazes. With a built in rechargeable battery and USB port for charging it won’t make you go broke from keeping it with batteries either, so all in all it sounds like a really good deal. Unfortunately, “now available” means Toys’r’us stores in the US for now, but it should pop up all over the world soon.

[Desk Pets via iLounge]

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