Giinii AudioBulb adds wireless speakers to your lamps

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The problem with wireless speakers is that they require power. Finding a power outlet is still probably easier than wiring the entire house to a receiver, but it still isn’t completely wireless (unless they run on batteries, which means they need charging). Giinii might be onto something with their AudioBulb system, which adds speakers to something that is already spread out in your home and connected to power: your light bulbs.

The bulbs use LEDs for the actual light they provide, which means that they should provide decent lighting and work for a long time and leave room for the speaker and receiver part. You screw in the bulb and use your lamp like normal, and control the whole thing from the dock that goes with the bulb. The dock itself has a 30 pin Apple dock connector and auxiliary input, which means that you can connect any device to it as well as a wireless receiver to make the connection between dock and device wireless as well.

Something like this is particularly useful in rooms that don’t have more powerful audio systems, such as the kitchen, garage, bathroom, bedroom, and even hallways. Since these plug into lamps, they would also be a good option if children’s rooms as you could use a ceiling lamp as the base and have a “tamper proof” speaker that doesn’t look like you duct taped a speaker to the ceiling. Convenience doesn’t come cheap though, as the dock, two speakers and remote will set you back $299. Additional speakers, up to 6 on top of the two included ones, will set you back $99 a pop. Still, $899 to add speakers and long-lasting LED light bulbs to 8 of your lamps isn’t the worst deal I’ve ever seen.


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