Kickstarter spotlight: Sensu Brush

Paintbrush-styli aren’t new to the tablet accessory world. The Nomad Brush first popped up in February and has been on the market for ages now and used by tablet artists everywhere (watch out for Kyle’s review of this soon!). While it might seem like a weird gimmick to create a paint brush stylus, it actually makes sense since the brush tip will create  a lot less friction on the screen and give the user the feel of painting rather that drawing.

Despite such a brush already existing though, a new Kickstarter project wants to bring another brush to the market. I normally frown on Kickstarter products that aren’t original, but this one has enough extra features to warrant its existence. First off, the handle of the brush doubles as a protective cap that protects the tip of the brush when not in use. This also makes the brush a lot smaller when capped, down to 114mm from 181mm. The end of the cap also has a rubber tip that functions like a conventional capacitive stylus, so you have a capacitive pen stylus when your brush is not in “brush mode”. That combined with a very well designed chrome design and a very reasonable $25 price makes this brush a very good alternative to the Nomad Brush. They’re already half way to the $7500 fundging goal as well, so there’s a very strong chance that this Kickstarter project will be realized.


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Andreas Ødegård

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