Dell Streak 5 certified for DOD personnel, is first Android device to be so


The Dell Streak 5 may be discontinued, but that doesn't mean people still aren't giving it the loving it deserves. Some of those people are like our best friend DJ_Steve, while others come from a completely different place, namely the Department of Defense's Defense Information Systems Agency. 

The way the people there have chosen to show their love for the Streak 5 is by certifying the smartphone for use by the Department's people. This is the first time an Android device has been certified, by the way, which makes our special Streak even more appealing. 

Of course, you might be remembering back to the EOL status of the Streak 5 and thinking, "Wait a minute! So what if they can use it now? It's been discontinued! They don't make any more devices!" Well, Dell has made a special (probably tax break related) exemption to that rule. As John Marinho explains, 

Although the Streak 5 is no longer available commercially, Dell is supplying it to DOD because the military likes the form factor. [The Streak 5] includes a set of Android application interfaces designed to enhance the security of the device. Besides being able to transmit secure unclassified messages, the device can have its data remotely wiped in the event of loss or theft.

So, there you have it. You owners of the pocket tablet should be happy: you're as safe as can be!

[Slashdot] Thanks, Pete!

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14 thoughts on “Dell Streak 5 certified for DOD personnel, is first Android device to be so

  • Avatar of leo d.

    Lol… what milspec number for the streak…

  • Avatar of Dbrown

    Not gonna make dell push 2.3 out smdh

  • Avatar of MaybeOnce

    This effort goes back to before the US release of the Streak 5. Remember, the Steak is still going strong in other markets. My bet is we’ll see a US 2.3 update for stock unlocked by end of year.

    I still love mine as my primary, do everything device.

  • Avatar of MaybeOnce

    Pre-coffee…where is the edit button?


  • I have a sneaky suspicion that the Streak 5 MIGHT just go back into production in the US, or perhaps development of a replacement might begin. Military use is one of the best ways to ensure funding for a product (microwave, velcro, etc).

  • Avatar of nicole price

    According to IHS, there currently is not a Milspec for anything “Dell”, “Streak”, or “Mini5”.

  • urm if they like it so much why dont the y just wait a week and buy the sammy note?

  • Avatar of Jonathan-Streaker

    I was reading that it is because it is the DOD and Dell is a US company. Can’t trust anybody anymore.

  • Avatar of Chris

    the question is.. can they load custom ROMs? like StreakDroid

    or maybe they will get some all new release… hopefully someone might be able ot get their hands on that.. in case it unlocks some hidden potential/features..

  • Avatar of joeJOE

    Correct. The Streak is only discontinued in America. Other global markets are still selling it and still supporting it.

    It is a brilliant device and I’m glad to see it get some love.

  • My hopes for a fire sale are over:(



  • Avatar of Jazz Refresh

    Dell gets the bulk of Federal business in the States. I am sure this was a firesale by Dell of their US Streak 5s that went EOL recently with additional software to encrypt and do a remote wipe. Where Dell would have made tons of money.


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