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Dual-screen Android devices weren't even thought of before last year. But 2011 has already brought us a couple of them: Sony's yet-to-be-released S2 tablet and Kyocera's Echo smartphone have graced Pocketables' pages more than once in their lifetimes. 

There's also been another dual-screen Android phone to make its way to the market, and that phone would be the one you see above. It's the LG Doubleplay, and like the name implies, it has two screens. What makes the Doubleplay unique, though, is the fact that it's two screens are different sizes: the "main" screen is 3.5-inches, while the secondary screen is 2-inches. Join me below to find out more about what could be T-Mobile's most unique offering. 


The Doubleplay is not a phone that you would go after if you're a spec-freak. LG kept it modest here: a 1GHz, single-core Qualcomm chip, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of internal storage, 320 x 480 resolution 3.5-inch main display, and a 2-inch QVGA screen. The 2-inch screen is found between the slideout keyboard, so the keyboard is actually really separated. You can see that in the picture below.


There's the 2-inch touchscreen and the split keyboard, as well as everything else in the box. To the left of the picture you'll see the wall adapter and to the right, the miniUSB to USB cable. Behind it is some paper. 

I'll have my review up the week after next. In the meantime, if there's anything you'd like to see tested out on the Doubleplay, just let me know.

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