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Stable release of CyanogenMod 7.1 available for rooted HTC EVO 4G, coming soon for rooted EVO 3D

Screenshot-1318260527505 Where's CyanogenMod 7.1? For all you AOSP lovers out there, this question has probably been weighing on your mind for months.

Rooted EVO 3D users are just starting to get their first taste of Cyanogen-y goodness, but those of us with the OG EVO have been left wondering if the CM team would ever release another stable version for us.

Well, wonder no more.

Yesterday, Cyanogen and the whole team started rolling out CM 7.1 for an impressive 68 Android devices! The EVO 4G made the cut this time around, while the EVO 3D is not quite ready to be in CM land just yet. It will be "coming soon," though, so users of the newer phone won't be left out forever.

Officially, CyanogenMod 7.1 brings these new features (compared to 7.0.3):

  • Bluetooth mouse support
  • Revoking app permissions
  • Camera touch-to-focus
  • Native screenshots in the power menu
  • Upgraded kernel and Android v2.3.7 (yes, the latest and greatest version of Gingerbread)

I also noticed a new-looking lock screen.

As for the future of CyanogenMod, it seems that CM9 will be based on Ice Cream Sandwich (aka Android 4.0.x) and devs have promised to keep this version more updated. Expect to see this on your rooted EVO in the upcoming month or so.

And if you're wondering where CM8 went, you can thank Google's non-open-source Honeycomb for that. It is highly unlikely that there will ever be a CM8. Oh well, I want my CM9 anyway!

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