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Get 70% off Isotoner Smartouch Gloves and use your HTC EVO when it's freezing

MensglovesHave you ever been snowboarding and felt a text message vibration on your HTC EVO? Then, you realized your gloves don't work on a touch screen?

All right, maybe that's an extreme example; however, it is starting to get cold outside and I think we could all use a good pair of gloves as the temperatures approach freezing.

But there is a huge caveat to most gloves: they make that fancy phone in your pocket useless (unless, of course, you're willing to bare your hands to the freezing environment).

Luckily, the homies over at Isotoner have made these Smartouch Gloves that look awesome and let you interact with your touch screen without removing them. Check out this YouTube video to see the gloves in action.

The gloves normally run around $34-42 on Isotoner's website but for today only, you can grab these sweet, Android-ready gloves for just $10-12.50. All you need to do is follow this link, then enter the code TODAYGLOVE. After today, you can always get them at Amazon for around $25 (still not a bad price for a pair of gloves).

If you grab a pair, let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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