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FBI inadvertently admits to using Carrier IQ data

Fbi-logoAnd the Carrier IQ saga just got even more interesting. A recent Freedom of Information Act request has basically proven that the FBI is using data that was collected by software made by Carrier IQ, but they're not detailing how.

The request asked for  "manuals, documents or other written guidance used to access or analyze data gathered by programs developed or deployed by Carrier IQ."  The FBI responded by stating, "The material you requested is located in an investigative file which is exempt from disclosure." In other words, under current law, they don't have to disclose anything might "reasonably interfere" with a current, ongoing investigation. But by saying this, they're admitting that they've got stuff collected by Carrier IQ.

But before you put on your tin foil hats, it's still unclear whether or not the FBI is using Carrier IQ's software to aid in its own investigations, or whether it's simply investigating Carrier IQ itself. In any case, if this is the type of thing you tend to worry about, now might be the perfect time to root your HTC EVO and install a custom ROM that has this software disabled.

But if you're not doing anything illegal, you should have nothing to worry about … right?

[MuckRock via Gizmodo]
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13 thoughts on “FBI inadvertently admits to using Carrier IQ data

  • Avatar of byg.nick

    surprise surprise….

  • Yea if your not doing anything illegal your fine. Stick your head in the sand your gov loves you

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    This is getting to be more and more insane as time goes by. It’s a known fact that any kind of electronic communication is scanned for keywords but if Carrier IQ gives/sells their data to the FBI then it’s going to be very hard for these carriers and companies to stick to their b.s. explanation of what the software really does. Why would general purpose information on the company and software compromise any ongoing case or cases? Orwell might have been a bit wrong with the year but say hello to an even bigger brother. The thing that gets me is that we are paying for this on a monthly basis.

  • Please, the fbi isn’t investigating Carrier IQ, they are investigating all users. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carrier IQ was developed by the fbi…

  • Avatar of derrick bishop

    Thank the patriot act. The world’s going crazy and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. As long as you’re nnot a terrorists I don’t think you have to worry

  • Avatar of Ernie

    I’d love to say something but under the circumstances I’ll remain silent

  • Avatar of biker1

    I love Carrier IQ, and all it stands for.
    If it’s good enough for the Government, it’s good enough for me.
    And I also thank NYC and King Bloomberg, along with PC Kelly, for stopping and frisking over 4 Million Citizens, most who have done nothing wrong, just so the NYPD can get their personal info into their very own private data base.
    Hey, as long as you don’t do anything wrong, who cares.
    Bill of Rights?
    You don’t need them as long as you keep your nose clean and Obey Big Brother,

  • Avatar of robisthename

    shouldnt have to obey big brother. to many freedoms infringed upon. our country is falling apart and nothing we can do about it bc fatheads behind the desk in corporate washington, keep lining their pockets with gold by writing new laws to keep minorities and middle to lower class citizens in the hole.spying on cellular use is just another way of “tagging” the herd in which case the majority have no idea it has happened. wake up america fight back. viva aosp

  • Avatar of Stormprobe

    This is just more proof/evidence of Obama being Bush 3.0.

  • Avatar of Stormprobe

    …until you get pinned for something you didn’t do, and nobody believes you.

  • Avatar of biker1

    Ah, one more th………………


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