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DeSensed View ROM strips Sense from rooted HTC EVO View 4G


"De-Sensified" or "de-Sensed" is a touchy word for HTC Sense lovers who can't imagine stripping a ROM of all of its Sense components to make it look more like AOSP.

But if you're using a rooted HTC EVO View 4G and would like a more stock-like Honeycomb experience on it, then you might want to check out graffixnyc's DeSensed View ROM. It's a port of Gumby63's ROM for the View's cousin, the WiFi-only HTC Flyer, that has almost all of the original Sense components removed. According to graffixnyc, who our sister site StreakSmart already holds in high regard (he's done a lot with the Dell Streak 7), this is "the most AOSP debloated experience you can have on your View." The Sprint bloatware, Sense launcher, and most HTC apps are gone, but HTC Scribe functionality remains intact, which means you can still use the special pen that makes the View so unique in the first place.

There have already been many releases for this ROM and it appears many more are to come, so if you decide to flash it, you can look forward to improvements and other features down the line.


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