Wooden Smart Cover is what the Miniot cover should have been

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Some of you might remember the Miniot Cover and the newer Miniot Case. The former got a bit of criticism when it came out because it tried to get by with using magnets as the hinge instead of having a magnetic hinge, resulting in a rather weak connection and iPads that simply fell over when trying to stand up using the cover as a stand. Courtesy of a user on Etsy, a site where people can sell their own products without having a full business, there is now an alternative for those who want the wood look but like the way the original Smart Cover performs.

Available in a whole bunch of different wood types and colors and priced at around $90 each, the wooden Smart Covers are much more true to the original folding system of the Smart Cover, and actually seems to be built on top of actual Smart Covers. The triple part design is there and the cover folds up nicely into a triangle shape while an actual Smart Cover hinge holds it to the iPad 2, making sure that it won’t disconnect and fall over when used as a stand. The covers are extremely nice to say the least, and while they add a bit of thickness compared to the normal Smart Covers, the result is nothing short of stunning. The leather Smart Covers never appealed much to me, but this definitely does, and $90 for this seems a lot more reasonable than $70 for the leather covers do. I just hope that the seller isn’t paying $70 a piece for leather covers to use as a base, as this deserves more than a $20 profit. Then again, a laser cutter can spit out these pieces faster than you can hide under your bed yelling “death ray”.


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