OnLive Desktop switches to Windows Server 2008

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OnLive Desktop, OnLive’s virtual PC offering, originally ran on Windows 7, but quickly got in licensing trouble with Microsoft over giving people free access to both Windows 7 and Microsoft Office, albeit virtually. Now it seems that the issue might have been resolves, as OnLive has switched from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2008 for its Desktop service. The change doesn’t really affect users much, with the limited OS access in OnLive Desktop looking more or less the same as before. You still have access to Office, which is probably what most people will use OnLive Desktop for.

One thing that has changed is the keyboard, which used to be the Windows 7 software keyboard but obviously had to be replaced when the Windows version was changed. I have no clue why OnLive continues to use a PC-side software keyboard, as frankly Splashtop’s method of using the device’s built in keyboard works much better. It doesn’t really matter though, OnLive Desktop is still a great tool and one that I and glad to see is in the green again, even if this switch of OSes hasn’t been officially linked to the licensing issues.


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