Get a glass screen protector for your Galaxy Nexus and protect the display without the cheap plastic

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Even though Gorilla Glass and other technologies are hardening and improving the glass used in smartphones all the time, ever since I seriously scratched the display on my original Galaxy S (which had Gorilla Glass), I have been a little bit over-protective of my device’s displays. Any kind of scratch on my precious smartphone is cause for panic, and I won’t buy a used device if there are any nicks at all on the screen. So, no matter how much glass technology improves in the near future, I doubt I will have a personal device without a screen protector anytime soon.

While they do work well for preventing the scratches that annoy me so much, screen protectors do have a few big disadvantages. My main complaint is that when you use a screen protector, instead of the beautiful glossy glass display of your smartphone, you instead get a rubbery or plasticky coating that collects dust and grime and doesn’t clean particularly easily. There’s also the issue of fingerprints, because while the glass on my Galaxy Nexus has an oleophobic coating, the plastic screen protector does not. In short, it is often a shame to have to cover the beautiful glass on my smartphone with a cheap piece of plastic that costs a couple of cents to produce. It may be a first world problem, but since I use smartphones quite a lot I have been looking for a solution for quite a while.

I finally found that solution today, in the form of a glass screen protector for the Galaxy Nexus. These have actually been produced before for the iPhone, but as far as I know the Galaxy Nexus is the only Android device to get one. The idea behind the product is simple. Instead of the cheap plastic I previously mentioned, a glass screen protector is just that: high quality glass, shaped for your device, that sticks on to the display and can be replaced like a screen protector. That way, you can still theoretically enjoy the benefits of using your smartphone display without a screen protector, while avoiding all of the risks.

I have yet to actually test one of these glass screen protectors, but the idea behind them seems sound enough. The iPhone version also got a generally positive review, so I am hopeful that the Galaxy Nexus version will be the same way. At $30, the price is a bit high for my tastes, but I still think I will be ordering one in the near future, if only to see if this concept really works out as well in the real world as it sounds like it should. If you are interested in trying out the glass screen protector yourself, you can find the order page through the source link below, and use the promo code NEXUSFTW for $5 off.

[X-Gear Live via Droid-Life]
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3 thoughts on “Get a glass screen protector for your Galaxy Nexus and protect the display without the cheap plastic

  • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

    SGP sell glass screen protectors for pretty much any device out there. They’re infamous for making the touch screen unresponsive while charging

  • Avatar of Stuart Cope

    Interesting concept, but I’ll just stick with the occasional knicks that my phone gets over its two year life.

    My 3Gs had next to no scratches after 2 years, and it never had a screen protector. My iPad was the same, after 1 year.

    But TBH, $30 isn’t all that expensive for piece of mind.

  • It really depends on your environment, if you’re a surfer or construction worker for instance you really wanna protect your screen with something… Fine particles and sand will scratch it faster than anything. It’s been a while since I could get to the beach with any frequency, so I haven’t been using screen protectors. My EVO 3D has one or two hairline scratches that you can’t even see under anything but direct sunlight.


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