Indie Gala bundle lets you choose your own price for some great Android games

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We’ve mentioned the Humble Bundle for Android, a timed deal that allowed you to choose your own price for a number of cool Android games, a couple of times before. Although it doesn’t allow you to install applications from the Google Play Store, the bundles offered some really cool games to download directly for what was a very good price. The Indie Gala bundle may be a blatant copy of the original Humble Bundle business model, but that doesn’t mean that the bundle doesn’t include some very good Android games at an even better price.

Just like the traditional bundle, the Indie Gala bundle is offering four Android games for a price you set, and if you beat the average (which is currently about $5) you get  three PC games, soundtracks, and the PC versions of three of the Android games. The four regular games are Great Little War Game, Cardinal Quest, Smiles HD, and Legends of Your, and the extra games are Manor of the Damned, Turba, and Pitiri 1997. I can’t speak to most of these games, but I have played Great Little War Game and it is indeed great, and Legends of Yore looks like an interesting game as well. Of course, the Indie Gala bundle is timed, and there are currently only three more days left to purchase the games if you are interested.

Even if you aren’t particularly interested in the games, the Indie Gala also offers the option to give your money to a charity like the Italian Red Cross or AbleGamers, or support the developers directly. In fact, you don’t have to give any money to the Indie Gala if you don’t want to, and can choose to send it all to developers or charities. Because of this, even though I’ve already purchased Great Little War Game, I will be buying the Indie Gala as I do with all other bundles like this one. It is a great opportunity to support indie developers and charities, and you still get some pretty awesome games out of it, which sounds like a win for everyone involved.

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