PVSTAR+ is a music player app for YouTube

pvstar - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereA couple of days ago I saw someone looking for an Android that that would treat music videos and audio files the same, just with video/static album art, like how it works on iOS. I didn’t find one of those, but I did stumble across another gem of the Google Play store: PVSTAR+.

PVSTAR+ is a music player app that uses YouTube and a few other video sources as its library. You search around on YouTube for what you want, and then you add them to playlists in the app. The resulting player is then a lot more of a music player than YouTube is on its own, with things like background playback, shuffle, repeat, sleep timer, and even a Now Playing Twitter feature. Naturally you can also import the playlists you have on YouTube already.

Background playback is very important here, as normally audio shuts off if the screen turns off on a video. With this app, it won’t. YouTube is a gold mine of music content, and not only music videos for commercial artists either – I probably spend more time on YouTube listening to hobby artists than I do listening to “normal” music. I also subscribe to a channel with binaural (holophonic) audio recordings, which are relaxing enough to put anyone to sleep, and this is great for having a separate playlist for that and not require the screen to be turned on.

There are two versions of this app, a free one and a pro version for $4.40. They’re otherwise identical, and when the free version has 100k-500k downloads and the paid one has 100-500, that sort of proves the point of my previous article.

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