A $2 3mm Galaxy Tab connector head just made my life a bit easier

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Back in my review of the Proporta TurboCharger 5000 external battery, I talked about how the retractable USB cable that comes with it does not have a connector head option for the Galaxy Tab. The immediate solution was to use the USB cable that came with the device in combination with a charging adapter that enables charging from generic USB chargers.

Turns out that there was an even easier solution out there, courtesy of an eBay seller. For about $2 shipped to Norway I got a 3mm Galaxy Tab connector head that is compatible with the retractable USB cable that came with the battery, and enables charging from generic chargers in the process.

Put simply, with this adapter, I can now charge all three of my mobiles devices using the same cable and any charger, regardless of the fact that they all have different connectors, and that two of them requires special hardware to be in place to activate charging (present in both the respective connector heads).

It’s a small thing, but it does make it easier to deal with charging multiple devices. Replaceable connector heads for cables is a fairly common method of dealing with multiple connectors,so even if you don’t have a cable with a 3mm interchangeable head already, you get easily get something like that for next to nothing. My earlier warning about cheap Chinese power accessories applies, and I should note that I only trust items like this adapter because I can take it apart and see that it’s wired the way it should.

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