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AT&T HTC One X updated to 2.20.502.7, Android 4.0.4; fixes menu button weirdness

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HTC One X owners on AT&T: Start pushing that update button! There’s an OTA software update waiting for you right now that gives you software version 2.20.502.7 and Android 4.0.4 – not quite Jelly Bean, but we’re inching closer, here!

It’s a fairly big update, coming in at 270.11MB, although that’s to be expected since it’s bumping up the Android version a bit. It’s also providing a fairly ingenious fix for that menu button weirdness that many people are complaining about – I’m talking about that annoying black bar that takes up way too many pixels on the bottom of your screen for apps that still require a physical menu button. Now, with this latest update, users can actually remap that multitasking key to a menu key that will still bring up your recently used apps after a long press. Or, alternately, you can chose for it to function as a menu key after a long press. Or you can also keep everything the same – the choice is yours.

Sure, this is a mod that custom ROMs have incorporated from the beginning, but it’s still a great idea, and I’m glad to see that HTC is on board. Now, all we need is for HTC to incorporate this same fix into the next update for the HTC One S and the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Pretty please?

In any case, I haven’t seen a full changelog quite yet, but users are reporting other miscellaneous bug fixes, as well as all current root exploits being closed. So if you want to root and haven’t yet, don’t take this update. If you are rooted, the best practice is to wait for your custom ROM developer to release an update of their own.

Otherwise, get to updating, because this brings some awesome enhancements to the device!

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