Guy draws ugly dragon, gets custom Galaxy S III

Here’s a story for the “what?” category. Earlier this year, Shane Bennett posted a self-drawn image of a fire-breathing dragon on Samsung Canada’s Facebook page. He offered it up as a gift in the hopes of receiving a free Galaxy S III once it got released. Samsung replied back that giving away S IIIs for free to everyone who asks would not be good business, but offered up a drawing of a kangaroo on a unicycle instead. As stories of ugly drawings used in funny ways tend to go, this one also went viral, and got Samsung a fair bit of press.

The story didn’t end there though, as Shane just received a free, customized Galaxy S III courtesy of Samsung Canada. The phone features the still-ugly dragon on the front and back, as well as a wallpaper that matches up with the print on the bezel. The accompanying letter thanks Shane for the press his story got Samsung those months ago, though it isn’t unlikely that the real reason for this exception to the rule is to get Samsung even more press.

Either way, it’s an amusing story.

Samsung: As I would like an S III myself, but preferably in black, please accept this hand-drawn image of the color black as a plea for a free S III for myself. Feel free to apply my artwork to the phone.


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