Sprint offers official Direct Connect app for some Android phones

sprint direct connect - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereSprint has just released a downloadable Direct Connect app for certain Android handsets that we previously incompatible with Sprint’s Direct Connect service, such as the Kyocera Rise and the LG Optimus Elite. Compatibility with certain other Android devices is coming soon, says Sprint, but there’s no word on which other devices will get the app.

The apps key features include the following:

  • Interoperable with Nextel Direct Connect and Sprint Direct Connect
  • Group Connect calls up to 21 participants
  • Call alerts to notify others you want to talk without interrupting
  • Convenient touchscreen controls
  • Displays contact image for speaker
  • Synchronizes contacts with device’s address book
  • Creates favorites for most contacted Direct Connect contacts

Sprint already has a million customers on its new Direct Connect service, in addition to those still using the legacy Nextel network. so Sprint hopes that this new app will open up the service to a brand new user base.

As of now, I can’t try it out on my HTC EVO 4G LTE, but perhaps that will come at some point in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Sprint offers official Direct Connect app for some Android phones

  • Avatar of Cubsrule

    Cool. I have the EVO Lte too so can’t try it out. Surprised to see a million people use it. I imagine that number will go higher.

  • Avatar of Gaffer

    Can’t see most businesses giving up a dedicated push to talk button in exchange for a touch screen version.


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