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Team Win Recovery Project updated to 2.3.x for most devices

twrp2200 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereTeam Win’s Recovery Project has been rewritten significantly since the last release, which results in faster boot times, the “fix permissions” function running in seconds as opposed to minutes, and several chunks rewritten in C++ classes to make it easier on the programmers going forward.

They’ve also added the ability to ADB sideload, which for most users is not going to be a useful feature but for ROM developers is going to simplify things greatly by allowing a .zip to be pushed and flashed from acommand line.

For the average end-user, this update probably will not seem like a terribly new or needed thing. You shave a couple of seconds off of boot time and you have a charging indicator LED if your device supports it.

For the future, though, what they’ve done is position TWRP to be able to implement future upgrades and device-specific features into the same shared codeset. That is a good thing.

There’re two ways to download the new TWRP 2.3 for most devices: one involves downloading and flashing a recovery image, and the other involves installing an app from Google Play.

You can find which method works best for you and for your device by selecting your phone on Team Win’s site below.

[Team Win]
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