Accessory review: Kikkerland iCushion stand and cord wrap

The iCushion is a stick-on cord-management and viewing angle accessory designed mostly to give your iPhone a kickstand, along with somewhere to stash the earbud cables when they’re not in use. It also  can give you a nice little squishy grip on the back of your phone if you want to not maintain a deathgrip. It works on any phone-sized device with a smooth back though, so if your device doesn’t come with a kickstand and it’s got a smooth back, this just might be for you.

Unlike most kickstand-adding products we’ve reviewed, this one uses suction cup technology, which is why you’ve got to have a fairly smooth back to your phone. It works remarkably well as a kickstand, but due to the extremely tiny interior, it’s not the greatest earbud management tool ever, as you have to wind around significantly more times than you would expect. At points it feels like you’re attempting to coil your wires around a needle.

2013 02 26 14.02.15 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereOnce it’s wrapped up, though, you can stick the earbuds in the larger hollow clown-nose looking part if you want. This entire thing has a soft rubbery feeling, mostly hollow, and can be squished in every direction possible, so you can throw it in your pocket and sit on it without breaking it most likely.

It’s not the prettiest thing, but it works amazingly well, doesn’t seem to gather lint, and can be taken off and repositioned as you need it, unlike more permanent kickstand/grip solutions.

I wouldn’t trust the iCushion as a grip personally. It tends to not play well with holding if your phone is in the least bit dirty. It does, however, do a very good job of being a kickstand, and a pretty decent job of being a cord wrap.

The iCushion stand and Cord Wrap is available at for $4.99, although I found it at Target in the bargain bins for $3.00. According to the manufacturer’s site, they’re available in blue, green, pink, red and white. It’s also available in black, although not on the manufacturer’s site.

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