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HTC One coming to Verizon “later this summer”


Verizon Wireless has officially announced via its social media arm that the HTC One will in fact be launching on the nation’s largest LTE network this summer.

Furthermore, a Verizon-branded HTC One was also spotted earlier today in a Bluetooth SIG filing.

There is no official release date quite yet. And, as a matter of fact, at this point we don’t even have pricing information or information on whether Verizon will offer the 32GB version, the 64GB version, or both.

In any case, this might be welcome news for HTC EVO fans on Sprint who are tired of an overloaded, congested, slow 3G network, and failed promises of 4G coming soon. Rather than wait around for Sprint to catch up, you can now jump onto Big Red, although most likely at a much higher monthly cost. (There’s also the loss of unlimited data, but what good is that when it’s practically unusable?)

So now that you have confirmation that the HTC One will be available somewhat soon on Verizon Wireless, are any of you jumping from Sprint?

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4 thoughts on “HTC One coming to Verizon “later this summer”

  • I might actually do that cause Sprint’s network in my area(Philly) just is plain horrible anymore.

  • I jumped ship at the end of 2012. I regret not doing it before, but I was disappointed because at the time VZ didn’t have an HTC phone that I liked, only the DNA but I thought the DNA was plain ugly. At the time I was carrying the EVO LTE on sprint, and I just wished that VZ had the same phone only on a better network that will allow the EVO LTE to unleash its potential. As much as I love the Note 2, I still miss the built quality and the nice feel of HTC phones, and the ONE seems even better. I think HTC finally made the right move to have the same phone across all carriers so that people can switch without giving up their favorite Phone.

  • Avatar of Darth Obama

    I made the jump and it was possibly the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I couldn’t be happier with verizon and the bill was like 6$ more a month. Yea I lost unlimited but I could only get 2 gigs a month out of sprints dinosaur network. Seriously people jump as soon as you can. Now I just gotta figure out how to switch my gs3 for a htc1 cuz I do miss my evo’s…except the evo3d that thing sucked.

  • Avatar of Goodbye Sprint

    I’ve been waiting for this news. Can’t wait to jump ship to Verizon!


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