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The more worrisome part of Uncarrier 9.0 is the part no one is talking about


Uncarrier 9.0 focused mainly on the business sector, but included a few tidbits for consumers, as well. This included a steep discount for family members of those who have business lines, an extension of contract freedom to include equipment installment plans and carrier leases, and the “Uncontract,” which is a promise that current customers can keep their promotional rates.

But the most worrisome part of Uncarrier 9.0 is also the part no one is talking about: John Legere said, quite clearly, starting around the 46 minute mark in the live stream:

I’m laying it all out in front of you. Unlimited is a world in and of itself. So, what I can do, is I can’t pretend to tell you the ten-year view on unlimited. And what I can tell you is, on unlimited plans, I’m gonna make a commitment right now that for at least a full two years from now I will not change unlimited or the price.

This is the first indication that John Legere has given publicly that the carrier was even thinking about changing unlimited data plans, changing the pricing, adding restrictions, or doing away with them all together. All we know from this is that unlimited is safe for two years, and then it’s anyone’s guess.

It’s unclear from Legere’s statement whether or not T-Mobile might grandfather in existing customers if he decides to change unlimited data plans in two years, or whether he might change customers’ existing unlimited data plans. Indeed, in his entire talk about “Uncontract,” he was only promising to let customers keep “fixed” data plans. He repeated that several times.

Is unlimited on the way out? I wouldn’t go that far – but I am also worried that this is the first step in chipping away at it.

What do you think?

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