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A way to fix carrier integration on Google Voice

If you’re on Sprint and have been rocking your carrier phone number for Google Voice, you might discover when taking advantage of a new less expensive plan (that the customer service person assures you is exactly the same as your old plan), that suddenly you get an email from Google saying your Google Voice integration has been disabled.

Disabled Google Voice

Additionally, attempt to re-activate the carrier integration as outlined in the email you received results in you discovering that your phone is no longer listed on your Google Voice page, and sadly the instructions are incorrect.

When I had this happen, searching yielded a high number of results claiming the plans were incompatible or that anything with a discount wouldn’t work. I thought about switching my plan back to the nearly double the cost plan I had, but decided that wasn’t going to cut it.

This worked for me: On your phone, uninstall Google Voice. Re-install. Jump through the carrier integration check. If all goes well, you’re back up and rocking Google Voice with your Sprint phone number.

I did notice that all my settings were gone. My name is presented, but my associated phones were missing, and my outgoing voicemail seemed to be gone as well. I had my Google Voice back up and working however and that’s all that mattered to me.

Inbound texts picked up in Hangouts about 20 minutes and a reboot later, which may have just been my Hangouts app being a bit slow to the game. It hasn’t particularly functioned well for me the past few days, so I think it may be time to switch ROMs.

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