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Late night flashingFor those who entered to be a reviewer, some news… got two companies talking over the concept. Thus far the compromise I have been asked to make is that if one of the user reviewers gets an item and doesn’t review it in X days I will write up an advertisement (but not endorsement,) for their product.

“Hey, this product is out, it costs this much and here are the specs, but I don’t have one to write about” sort of thing. Marked as an advertisement.

We have someone offering to write up some new Tasker content. I’m waiting on an email back. It’ll be featured on the site but it will be their content (meaning if they want to make some money off of it, it will be monetized with their advertising (banner ad, interstitial video, instructions on their personal server, etc)). We’ll see if that works for everyone.

You’ll recall my mentioning a botnet attacking the site a few weeks back. There were two things done to mitigate that. Upgrading the virtual server, and putting us behind a content delivery network called Cloudflare.

Past couple of days have been slow and a user brought something to my attention with a blocked script. While digging for that I discovered Cloudflare had disappeared. Our account no longer exists. They’re pointing the botnet traffic right back at Pocketables. Back in the same boat of bot-instituted slowdows. We have emails in asking why the account was pulled.

Nashville’s under some snow. While it hasn’t snowed me in with two kids, it has slowed me to a crawl. That and more medical issues (thankfully minor this time) have consumed the last three days. Ah well. C’est la vie.

There’s a stack of stuff I need to review, it’ll get started again this week unless things pour on out further.

We have a script (mentioned above) that is triggering a security warning on some internet security software somewhere above the “about the author” and below the article. If you see anything off on Pocketables take a screenshot and contact me. Would appreciate it. Code that’s in the page appears to be nothing.

In the meantime, always wanted to be a writer? Got something fun? Feel free to send it to [email protected] and I’ll put it up with credit to you.

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