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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, SpockHey gang, I’ve come to a point where I’ve decided I just overthought this thing and it’s time to go ahead and get some information from you guys.

I’ll point out at this point I am extremely hesitant to ask for much private information. I really don’t want your info sitting in my inbox the day Microsoft or Google gets hacked so I’m going to ask for some non-identifiable stuff and if you decide to get a review unit I’ll get physical address and phone numbers over some other medium.

To join the user reviews, cut and paste the following (or just answer it,) in an email to [email protected]. I’d ask that you also comment below that you have done this so that I know if Microsoft, Google, or Outlook managed to junk your email (really, that’s how the message path goes.)

Also I’m having you fill out the stuff that’s already in the email header so I can copy and paste it… I’m lazy

Disqus name:
Forum name:
If you have hangouts, Hangouts email:

What are you interested in? (examples may include earbuds, headsets, chargers, trackers, watches, jump starters, apps, truth in advertising, screen protectors, cases, kid tech, Windows, Apple, games, etc)

What is your primary mobile device?

What other devices do you have? (don’t include something you would be pained to use such as a TRS-80 CoCo 2)

Given the choice in testing a piece of hardware that works on both, Apple or Android?

Do you have any testing equipment such as an amperage meter, a Kill-a-Watt, a 4K bandwidth tester?

Links to any reviews you’ve done (professionally or randomly) that you might like to showcase:

Round 1: Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock?:
Round 2: Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock?:
Round 3: Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock?:


The 3 rounds of RPSLS will be used in the event of multiple qualified people wanting the same product and me having no preference.

At the point I have something come up I’ll either email you all to come look at something in the forums, or I’ll just email the people that device might pertain to.

By entering the user review thingie you’re promising you’re capable of delivering a real review. You understand you’re not expected to give an average charger a five star rating. You’re also not hell bent on bashing a company attempting to make $5 more than another company selling the same product. You write about your experiences with using the product.

You’ll also take some photos of the thing in the box, out of the box, and in use.

Reviews will be exclusive. You can rewrite a review for some place else, but you cannot cut and paste the review. It makes us look like we’re copying another site to search engines.

You also agree to not contact the PR firms that send these products directly. I really don’t want someone reviewing something here and then hauling off to start their own Android site and trying to take my PR peeps. I mean, you can if there’re problems, but let me know ok?

Reviews and pictures will be emailed to me. They will be posted under my account with your name credited for doing the review. We may change that up later to where reviewers get accounts on Pocketables to edit their own reviews, but that’s for later.

So yeah, email the above to [email protected], then comment below that you emailed me so I can check off that I received it.

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