New Bee T1 USB-C Headphones Review

There’s a slight trend toward removing the time-honored 3.5 mm headphone jack from devices. Phones like the Moto Z and iPhone 7 are at the forefront of this movement. Removing the headphone jack leaves users with the problem of how to get audio from their phones into their ears. Wireless headphones are a potential solution to this problem. Another solution is headphones that connect to ports that these devices do have – USB-C or Lightning. Today we’ll take a look at the New Bee T1 USB-C headphones.



The T1 USB-C headphones are available in black or white. The earbud housing is ceramic and they feel like premium buds. There are three different sizes of rubbery ear adapters in the box. The preinstalled ones worked best for my ears – the buds fit snugly but don’t put undue pressure on my ear internals. They’re pretty comfortable and I used them to watch 2+ hours of Netflix with no discomfort.

There’s a sturdy carrying case included in the box. It’s nice to stick the headphones in it and then just toss that in a backpack to prevent damage to the headset. The cord itself is textured to prevent tangling and it does a good job. The overall package is nice.

New Bee USB-C Headphones

The sound is quite good. These are not mega-bass-boosting rattle your brain headphones but they do produce rich pure sounds. John Mellencamp’s Cherry Bomb is my standard test piece and it sounds great coming from these headphones. Guitars, fiddle, and vocals all come in clear. The sound is full and actually pretty impressive for a pair of earbuds.


There are only a couple of faults with the headphones. First, the connector is massive. It’s like a giant brick hanging off the end of your phone. It is seriously large. It’s made of aluminum, which is nice, and is easy to grab hold of for insertion and removal. But it is dang big.

New Bee Headphones
That connector….

The second issue for me is the lack of integrated control buttons. There’s no quick pause or volume buttons. This becomes an issue for me in the office. When someone walks in to discuss an issue I have no way to discreetly and quickly pause whatever I’m listening to. And there’s no microphone so you won’t be answering any phone calls with these headphones.


The real question is, are these headphones worth the $40 price on Amazon. The cheapskate in me says “no – earbuds should be $10 or less.” But the realist says “yes.” In a world where Apple charges $29 for their cheapo plastic EarPods these headphones are definitely worth the $10 upcharge. The sound is good and the fit is comfortable (for me, at least).

UPDATE: I’ve started hearing horrible electronic interference through these headphones. It’s as if some shielding has shifted or is absent. I can no longer recommend them.

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5 thoughts on “New Bee T1 USB-C Headphones Review

  • Do these have a DAC in them? if they do that might explain the lack of controls and cost.

  • Avatar of JRDEMASKUS

    I use BT for up to 8 hrs a day, (for the last 10+ yrs) and there is no massive connector attached to my phone that is going to break my port while the phone is in my pocket.
    I think this is what the OEMs intended, they expected us all to move to BT.
    I don’t understand the reluctance to use BT. Yes, it can be glitchy at times, and maybe it doesn’t satisfy a self proclaimed “audiophile” (when was the last time you met a REAL audiophile) but it does not require you to be tethered to your phone, with wires that tangle or hinder your mobility and connectors that have the potential to break your phone (not covered by most warranties)


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