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Amazon gift card ridiculousness.

The first 22 digits of the gift card arrived in separate packages
The first 15 digits of the gift card and each paragraph of the letter arrived in separate packages in the second order

This is a story of an Amazon gift card. It’s a short one and why we can’t have nice things any more.

My wife’s aunt sent her a gift card to Amazon. This gift card was supposed to show up on the 10th and claimed a delivery date of then, but then ended up showing up on the 12th because USPS that’s why. This was not the issue. What showed up on our doorstep was a box that was 10″ x 7″ x 3″.

On the box was our address, tracking info, and an advertisement for some Amazon product (think it was the echo). The box required opening with a knife as it was sealed to prevent the postal service from doing what the postal service does.

In this box was maybe 16″ of bubble packing to hold an envelope in place. This envelope was about 8″ x 5″. In this envelope was a note that we had received a gift card. There was also in this envelope also a gift card coming in at 3.7″ x 2.13″ and about 0.03″ thick. On the back of this card was a 15 digit code, which I believe had to be revealed via a scratch off.

I remember seeing a cartoon once in which a man cuts down a thousand year redwood, drags it to a sawmill, and then makes a toothpick out of it. At least he had a toothpick at the end.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon gift card ridiculousness.

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    I remember when we used to buy gear from Sun Microsystems. We always ordered special power cables to go to our rack PDUs and always Sun them we didn’t need the stock ones. But without fail they always shipped them. This was back in like ’98 or 2000… before I could take a pic and shame them on Twitter or Facebook. But I still remember receiving a pallet with a 4’W x 4’D x 6’H box. Upon opening it was full of smaller boxes… about 4” x 2” x 12” each with one 6′ long power cable… ones we would never use and that ended up in the trash. Worst… they shipped us the box of power cables for every large order we did so after 2-3 years we had 7 or 8 of these. Such a waste. Kudos to Apple for at least being better about their packaging (despite their other faults)…

  • I ordered a watch battery a few months back and got a similar sized box. It was ridiculous. I tweeted Amazon to which they sent me a link to provide shipping feedback. What a waste!


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