Harvard releseases FREE 12 Module Digital Photography Class



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Photography Lessons
Module 1:Introduction to Digital Photography0 / 5
Module 2:Introduction to Software Start Module0 / 3
Module 3:Introduction to Light Start Module0 / 2
Module 4:Introduction to Exposure – Part 10 / 4
Module 5:Introduction to Exposure – Part 20 / 4
Module 6:Introduction to Optics0 / 5
Module 7:Introduction to Histograms0 / 4
Module 8:Introduction to Software Tools0 / 4
Module 9:Introduction to Digital Cameras0 / 4
Module 10:Introduction to Digital Cameras – Part 20 / 4
Module 11:Introduction to Color0 / 4
Module 12:Introduction to Artifacts0 / 3
Module 13:Digital Photography Assessment0 / 1


Whether you are shooting an Apple iPhone 5, a Samsung Galaxy 7 or Google Pixel, a Nikon or Canon DSLR, a Sony mirrorless, or a Hasselblad, this course will give you new insight on how to approach your subject and techniques. Actually I take that back, it you have have a Hasselblad for actual use, you can probably skip this.

Harvard estimates that it will take you 1015 hours to complete, and will provide a Certification of completion at the end!

Enjoy your rule of thirds!

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