Lenovo Announces Several New Moto Mods

Lenovo is going all in on their modular Moto Z line. Over the weekend they announced the next round of Moto Mods – the magnetically attached modules that extend the functionality of the Moto Z family of phones. The highlight announcement is an upcoming Amazon Alexa mod that will bring the digital assistant’s features and services to your phone. There’s no word on what features the hardware will offer that differentiate it from a software integration and there’s also no release timetable other than “later this year.

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In addition, Lenovo announced the Moto Power Pack. It looks to add 1000 mAh or so of power to the Moto Z “without adding bulk.” Presumably this will be thinner than the battery Mods already available from Incipio, although not offering the same battery boost. The release date for the Moto Power pack is sometime in march and it should retail for $49 USD. There’s also the Turbo Power Moto Mod, wireless charging mod, and charging adapter mod. No prices or additional details on these three.

Finally, there’s the Gamepad Moto Mod. The Gamepad adds physical buttons, thumbsticks, and a d-pad and additional battery life to the Moto Z line. It’s an interesting idea that we’ll hopefully be able to try out later this summer. Lenovo also indicated that there are more Mods in the works from Moto and partners.

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