ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 week one review

This is going to be fairly short, but I promised I’d get a mid-review done yesterday and then phones exploded so here we are.

In the ongoing head to head with the Roomba 550 (old, brushes worn down, spinner brush broken, not a fair fight but the only one I can do,) we’ve got the following stats

Beached itself by turning carpet over or created a problem that should have been surmountable

Roomba: 1

Wedged itself under cabinet, chest of drawers, or something else that should not have been attempted

Roomba: 7

Grabbed loose cord, string, etc and faulted

Roomba: 1
DEEBOT M80: 13

I’ll note 9 of these are due to the Roomba being able to be contained with a virtual fence to keep out of kid’s rooms, also the Roomba’s side brush is broken so probably would have been similar. Upon altering the environment and closing a door we’re all good for the past couple of days.

Primarily picks up

Roomba: dust
DEEBOT M80: hair, carpet fibers, dust

Mysterious robot stopped for no evident reason

Roomba: 1

Number of times Paul got so frustrated he kicked it

Roomba: 1

Notes on the week

Not being able to virtual fence in the DEEBOT M80 has lead me to have to close doors. This is a big disadvantage.

My guess is were my Roomba’s side brush still working and the brushes new I’d have a better fight.

As the DEEBOT keeps driving over my rolled up carpet I’m going to save mopping test for when I can be there and be assured it’s not on the carpet.

Once again, this is not a fair fight, however the DEEBOT M80 is doing pretty good overall. I come home and I’ve got a clean floor. And that’s pretty cool.

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