Bestek desk lamp review

Following up on our review of a rather useful power strip for desktop applications Bestek asked if we would like to look at a lamp. Lighting If you hadn’t picked up on a something I can be quite particular about especially for photography. Let’s see if the Bestek Lamp puts it’s best foot forward and make a positive impression .

First Impression

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Right out of the package the lamp appears to offer a very premium appearance and design with brushed aluminum finish. The light source is fully integrated in the lamp and is not changeable which is understandable with led lighting. On an interesting note I cannot see individual points on the LEDs with the device powered off. By default the lamp comes equipped with a large base to allow it to be used on a desk. Also included in the package is a clamp in order to secure the side of a desk if desired.

Illumination Examination

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Color temperature wise the lamp appears to be in the blue white range with a 5000-6000° Kelvin temperature. On a related note I use 5500-5600 for photography lighting. Considering the power adapter that is included is rather meager five watts the brightness of the lamp is absolutely astounding. It was sufficient enough to interfere with my camera’s ability to focus on the highest setting. It also was sufficient to compete with the lumens 8200 worth of single temperature lighting in the studio. No individual points are visible in the lighting area with either indicating a high-end diffuser and led combination.

Closing Thoughts

The lamp is exactly the right firmness and I haven’t had any issues positioning it. I believe I would have preferred the power be delivered by a standard USB cable considering it’s limited draw. Doing so would have made the lamp slightly more flexible in regard to replacing the adapters should it get lost. Although it wasn’t something I require the inclusion of a clamp to hold it on the side of the desk is an excellent addition. Bestek has put together a very attractive package overall being both very bright and very Clean light in design . Anyone looking for a high-end desk lamp not opposed to this particular style case find it on amazon for 27.99.

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