MYNT ES smart item locater

MYNT ESMYNT ES Tracker is an inexpensive Bluetooth beacon that similar to its competitors utilizes a crowdsourced back end for finding your stuff when it disappears out of range.

It’s got a replaceable battery that lasts about a year, and functions similarly to most other tracker finders although (and maybe others do this now as well,) it also appears to have a battery indicator to warn you when your tracker is going to go offline.

That’s been one of my long-term review beefs with a certain key finder I’m using that I need to update.

The Android app needs a lot of work. The Play Store is riddled with language and spelling errors, the app downloads langplugin.apk every time it’s opened, once you’ve requested to find your phone there’s no evident way to stop your phone from playing the finder music short of killing the Mynt app, I could go on.

In short, this is not an app I’m keeping on my phone.

MYNT ES TrackerSo let’s look at the hardware side. One year battery puts it in the class of an XY2 in terms of battery life – actually double the XY2 battery life, speaker is about on par with that as well, maybe a bit louder. Thin coming in at the size of about two or three quarters for height.

Lists a lot of things that make its app unique, however having played with other finders I’m not particularly seeing anything others haven’t been offering for years. I mean maybe this is something that MYNT created and others got successful off of, but I don’t think so.

The MYNT ES comes in at a lower price per finder, and if they got the app working I might recommend it.

As there are no stats on how many MYNT users are in my neighborhood, I have no way of knowing if the crowd sourcing will do much of anything. I know with XY and similar there’re a lot of US users. My work is littered with little bluetooth beacons going off that are mostly XY and Tile.

But that Android app is a dealbreaker.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon as the price point on the MYNT ES is actually very competitive. I’ll do an in depth review if they can produce an app that doesn’t download random apks, has an easy to notice alarm off, etc.

You can get a 4 pack of the MYNT ES for $49.99 on Amazon

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