Vodool Smart Plug WiFi surge protector review

Vodool Smart Plug 2.4GHz WiFi plugIf you’ve got Google Assistant/Home or Alexa and a plug somewhere in your house you want to turn on and off remotely but don’t want to invest in a smart home hub, Vodool’s Smart Plug may be what you’re looking for.

You can schedule on/off times with a timer, control via Google or Amazon smart services, and all you need is a 2.4gHz WiFi network.

The Vodool Smart Plug also packs a 2.4amp USB port for device charging, is UL listed, and is built like a brick.

The part where Paul finds a problem

Vodool Smart Plug 2.4GHz WiFi plugWhile I don’t recall any hiccups getting this connected and added to Google Home, one thing I did notice was that the plug is large. It will most likely at least rub against whatever is next to it and require the top plug.

You’ll also need to install a smartphone app to initially connect it (which you can uninstall after you’ve got it set up with your assistant.) I can’t recall but this may have been the device where I had to force my phone into 2.4GHz mode in order to connect to the 2.4 channel.

If I remember correctly it also refuses to connect to a non-secured AP, which is fine, I just was attempting to test it on an AP used for clients in my office and it needs a WiFi with a a password.

What’s good about the Vodool Smart Plug?Vodool Smart Plug 2.4GHz WiFi plug

  • Connects to your WiFi
  • Up and running in about a minute
  • Works great with Google Assistant (probably with Alexa too)
  • Adds a USB 2.0 2.4amp plug as a value added bonus

What use is this?

Personally I was using it in my living room to turn on and off the lamp that is located in the worst possible position for a human to reach.


If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive Assistant/Alexa integrated solution to turning things off and on, you can get into the smart plug game for about $20.

Grab one on Amazon

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