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Google Podcasts

f you’ll recall, Google recently got into the podcasts game, and did it pretty well for a first day app from within Assistant.

Today, Google has rolled out the Google Podcasts app and… it’s just a shortcut.

Either that or Google has figured out a way to fit sync, playback, album artwork, subscriptions, etc into 225 kilobytes. Yes, this thing doesn’t even clock in at one megabyte.

In the past I would have argued that this was possible, but this is Google, hell bent on turning a Hello World app into a 40 megabyte monster.

My guess is they were discovering people didn’t know how to create a shortcut to podcasts from Google Assistant’s  podcast player and decided to create an app dedicated to launching something within Google Assistant.

Fear not people who have playlists and podcasts already subscribed to, this rogue shortcut will not hinder that functionality.

Google Podcasts size

Whether Google plans to do anything with their shortcut app, or make it a standalone, who knows. I’m sure there’s probably going to be some competition in an unrelated Google product, a brand name change, and near complete abandonment for months as they attempt to see if their toes are going to be stepped on by the people incorporating podcasts into Google Sheets.

For now though, you can grab Google Podcasts in the Play Store if you don’t want to create your own shortcut.

Download: Google Play

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