YKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station review

YKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station reviewThe YKing 3x Qi wireless charging station is a 36 watt charging hub for three Qi standard devices and two USB A.

TL;DR – $33, charges fine however not a fast charger.

You can wirelessly charge up to three Qi devices and two 2.1amp USB A devices at the same time, however you’re sharing across a 36W backplane and as such the included 12v3A power supply will not provide maximum power to each device.

Each wireless pad lists as capable of charging at 12v 0.6a, which seems to translate to phones getting about a one amp charge when they’re charging normally. The spec sheet included claims it does 1.5amp but my phone is not picking that up on wireless. Battery monitor widget shows anywhere from +600-800mAh. Having only two wireless devices that can pull faster speeds I did not notice any difference between charging one and charging two. However that’s only a couple of amp charging.

YKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station review

The USB output tends to read that it can only push 2.1amps across the USB backplane. In short, this does not appear to be a powerhouse of fast charging ability, but if you’re just looking to consolidate chargers and overnight charge this may be something you’re interested in putting on your nightstand.

YKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station reviewYKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station reviewYKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station reviewYKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station review

In my testing it’s coming across like most 1000mA chargers (not the 1500 ones,) a little weak on establishing the connection, I have to remove my case to get it to function which has been the case with many many chargers since I put that antenna in the case (not all charger though, just seems to be bothering the lower speed ones).

YKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station reviewThe charging cable is about three feet long which is a little too short for my tastes, but works. It’s got a rather large adapter to power 36W but it works.

Having received a review unit, I’m unsure whether this documentation and packaging is the final version or not but I’m pretty sure they misspelled China and the docs inside indicate there’s a cigarette lighter charger. I’m thinking translation issues.

There are indicator lights for when you’ve got the phone placed correctly. It’s a little trickier on this than on the multi-coil chargers, but it’s doable.

The thing has three lights that are usually green and blue. Green means ready, blue means charging. The way they’re angled the light seems to go down rather than turn your ceiling into a disco flashing.



Should you get the YKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station?

So, here’s the recommendation – I think it’s a good consolidation solution for an overnight five device charger, and if you’re into threesomes everyone can have a spot to charge their phone. I would not recommend this to anyone who’s trying to get a fast charge as this will take longer. At 36 Watts it’s capable, but with a max USB of 2.1amps you’re not dealing with any fast charging spec out there and I’m not pulling above 1amp on wireless.

YKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station reviewYKing 3x Qi Wireless charging station review

So yeah, nightstand, pop phone down, go to bed. It’ll most likely be charged when you wake. Not a powerhouse, but great for overnight.

Grab one for about $33


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