Plex + TIDAL sitting on PC, S.T.R.E.A.M.I.N.G.

plex hero tidal - for some reason we don't have an alt tag herePlex is still aiming to be everything to everyone, in a good way. To those ends they’re adding support for the music streaming service TIDAL (many of you Sprint folk have this included with your plans,) and if not you can grab a 30-day trial here to see if it’s something you want.

As a note, Plex runs on more than just a PC, my 5yo is just to the age of taunting people and bleh…

Plex will also recommend new releases that you might like based on your library, TIDAL videos (I did not know these existed,) and generally continue being pretty awesome.

If you’re holding off on TIDAL because you created that master playlist on another service, they have a playlist porter. If you’re not at all interested in TIDAL, you still might want to check out some of the things that Plex can do with music, podcasts, flacs, etc as they are pretty impressive features that I didn’t know existed.

You can read the Plex press release in bloggy form here.

*The only thing not mentioned here (according to pre-coffee Paul,) is whether the streaming requires your server to be on (TIDAL -> your server -> you,) or whether the guy on the couch in the picture is (TIDAL -> Plex app -> you). Important because bandwidth and requirement to keep a server on. I’m emailing the PR peeps to let me know on that on.

*Your Plex server is not required to be running to access TIDAL, podcasts, web shows, and news according to the incredibly quick responding PR contact I have for Plex.

But yeah, get Plex, it’s wonderful. If you like it, buy a Plex pass, it’s pretty great generally.

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2 thoughts on “Plex + TIDAL sitting on PC, S.T.R.E.A.M.I.N.G.

  • Avatar of Daniel D.

    Money, money and more money…. 5$ a month for Plex Pass, 10$ a month for Tidal, 4.5$ a month for Soundiiz… Honestly, I would rather choose Kodi, Deezer (since a free tier that allows you to play specific songs) and give up on Soundiiz (or maybe try to cook something up with IFTTT).
    Honestly, I don’t really see any reason to dig into Plex at all. Except if I’d have to play movies on a device that cannot run Kodi (or another player that can access files over SMB). For everything else there is nVidia Shield TV, with apps from all major public TV broadcasters (at least here in Germany) and Chromecast for the rest.
    As for music streaming, after trying (each) for a few months Spotify, Play Music, Deezer Tidal and Amazon Music, I think Deezer is the best option (price/features). My wife uses the Amazon Music tier included with Prime, since it is there anyway. For anything better there are audio CD’s and good ripping to FLAC.
    Oh, and if you add up and subscription prices… one year’s worth adds up to about the price of a Shield TV. …or a cheaper Android TV device sooner.

    • Having a lifetime plex pass means no $5 a month.

      I’ll tell you one of the reasons I like and follow plex is that I can set up my media library, tell my friend who wants access to my library “download plex on your xbox, playstation, ipad, iphone, roku, or if you’re using a TV with Chromecast ultra there’s a really good chance it’s already there” they do, on any platform, with any level of skill, and it works. They have access to whatever I want them to.

      There are plenty of free solutions, or less expensive solutions, but when it comes to sharing with friends and family and taking everything with you everywhere, unless you’re willing to be their tech support there’s not much easy out there. I could easily survive with a simple media server, and I could freely come up with ways for each of the 8 people on four platforms that I share my libraries with. But when those break, and they will, or they’ll get wiped, I’m back to setting it up again.

      On to the money money money thing – Plex + Tidal plans start at $9.99 a month, or if you’ve got a lifetime plex pass tidal can be had for $8.99. I’m not sure you even require a plex pass for the TIDAL (I’ll check) and looking at Soundiiz, I’d just recreate my playlists. So, this is paying for TIDAL and perhaps a buck a month for Plex.

      But yes, you can do all this for free, or for whatever you’re spending in time setting it up. For Plex, I walk into some place with casting ability and I’m set. Phone connects to server, streams to the cast device. My computer breaks, I set up windows, install plex, choose the media libraries, it’s all back.


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