Kickstarter spotlight: INKI the Pen not the ghost

Startup DozenDots sent us an announcement for a powered pen recently, Coming from a drafting background writing instruments always grab my attention.

INKI GOLD SS TI - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

What is INKI?

Inki is a motorized pen designed for artists. It combines a premium metal body with a small motor and single battery. The motor is capable of 700 oscillations per minute with a 4mm travel distance. These oscillations will produce different patterns as the pen is tipped to different directions. with examples including U and v shaped marks. The single AAA the pen is designed to use is expected to last 4 hours, I expect serious artists to consider rechargeable batteries to avoid burning through batteries too quickly.

That’s cool! Where can I get one!

Inki is currently on kickstarter with pledges that reward the pen starting at the equivalent of 55USD. That price includes both the silver(Stainless steel) and gold(Brass) versions. Considering that the campaign is just under half funded only 5 days in(it started on the 12th) and the simplicity of the product I don’t see any reason this won’t ship on time as well. We’re looking forward to testing one in the near future as well.

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