Full blog engaged: part 3

I’ve been a little engaged in a run for Council of Nashville’s 16th District and neglecting writing for Pocketables as I’ve been talking to people pretty much nonstop for a month.

I have no intention of abandoning Pocketables, but getting a team up and running for a campaign that was started absolutely last minute against two well-connected opponents has been somewhat time consuming.

This and every sit down turning into people telling me their stories for a couple of hours, kind of rude to write a review on a MyCharge Hub while talking to them (we’ll get that published later).

Voting Day’s is August 1st, so presumably I can stop campaigning then.

One of the things I’ve come to realize is that for many, this is life. Things like zoning of a house as a single family or a duplex can have effects on the entire neighborhood (duplex, owner dies, two tall and skinnies pop up, then developers can point and say “see, it’s that way over there” and get zoning changed).

It’s also life to some who just want the other group to fail. Politics man, it’s… man.

On the road I’m using my phone constantly now. I wish I’d had better charge rates with the SunnyBag, as that would have been an ideal representation of it, but it’s primarily charging a portable battery now and it’s not angled enough to reach full potential walking from door to door. Luckily most portable batteries have enough to keep me going through a day.

Using Google Sheets to track donations as well as leveraging Facebook for meet and greets, Google Docs for position statements, FB Messenger, texting, etc etc etc to communicate with people and about to throw in some Instagram videos, pulling up codes and history of the district pretty much constantly.

Unfortunately at this point it looks like a messy hodgepodge as I’m working on other things and most people have a team in place at this point.

My goal at the moment is to find a way to get a real message to people as opposed to a 30 second sound bite. Even if I don’t win, that message is there and hopefully whoever is elected will be forced to work with it.

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Paul E King

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7 thoughts on “Full blog engaged: part 3

  • Just by being there and offering an alternative will make the incumbents up their game and hopefully respond to what you’re offering by also listening to the electorate.

    • The current council is stepping down. He’s my treasurer.
      A former councilman is running again, the one my treasurer beat.
      One of the people on a board of an organization that divided the district in a very public fight is also running.

      It’s been a trip… I’ve never known this much about local politics and how many operators there are out there..

  • Hey Paul,

    Using Google Sheets to track donations

    Where can I find your template? Would like to take a look.


    • It’s pretty simple

      Each quarter has:
      first, last, address, city, state, zip, employer, occupation, date, amount, running total
      Business, address, city, state, zip, purpose, amount, running total

      I additionally made some special cells for guesstimates on how far from target for a mailer, how far from target for signs, estimated upcoming misc expenses (feeding people who’re canvassing,)

      • Thanks for elaborating! Do you have a link to a live version of that template?

      • Thanks for elaborating! Do you have a link to a live version of that template?

    • I built it after seeing the former council’s template, and mine has people’s data in it or I would share.


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