Hyde Air 10K mAh USB-C 18 Watt wired/wireless charging bank preview

In a couple of days the Uniq Hyde Air portable wired/wireless charging battery will be hitting the shelves and it’s pretty impressive for such a small footprint.

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For all things wired it works like a charm. You’re getting fast charging ~18Watts across the board. That’s 18 total watts, so charging more than one thing you’re going to drop charge pwoer.

As a fast wireless charger it’s… acceptable. The lack of grips on the thing means your phone or device slips off pretty easily. 10 Watt wireless charging also is still in the slow lane and the only reason to use it portable is if you’re in a jam.

It’ll handle pass through charging as well, so you can be charging your power bank and charge multiple devices (including wirelessly,) and then just take your wireless charging bank along with you when you need to go.

I believe this is the biggest bang for the smallest profile we’ve covered, although honestly I’m a little scatterbrained at this point with this metro council run going on. It’s what I’ve been having to use to try and keep my phone running throughout the day and so far it’s never complained.

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The only negative, other than lack of grips which may or may not be a deal breaker for you, is this device charges quickly and gets a little warm. This wouldn’t be a problem for me were I not lugging it around in my pocket, but thermally it’s a good couple of degrees warmer than I’m used to.

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I don’t think we’re in danger zone, but when you’re walking door to door and you’ve got a warm rear end from fast charging it’s noticeable.

It’s also got a charging kickstand that allows you to prop up a phone and watch videos while it charges wired. If they’d have thought the design through a little bit they could have probably used the HTC EVO 4G kickstand idea and made it so it would prop a phone and wirelessly charge it, but dreams you know….

The Hyde Air (“hi there!”) 10,000mAh wireless USB C portable power bank will be released sometime this week on the manufacturer’s website, and Amazon presumably thereafter.

It’s the most pocketable power bank for the size I think, and coming in at $40 it’s not particularly a bad price for such a lightweight multi-function charging device.

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