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Got the new Nest Aware plan? Finish setting it up in Google Home

I mentioned I’d picked up the new Nest Aware plan that’s less expensive and only records instances when something is actually happening to the cloud. It also claimed that I would be able to turn some of my Home speakers into listeners for smoke alarms and broken glass as well as be able to call Emergency Services.

Nest Hello WiFi Video Doorbell

Perhaps I didn’t read the documentation enough, but I assumed I was going to be doing this through the Nest app… which was not the case.

Over in the Google Home app there was a priority message waiting for me to finish setting up the Nest Aware service. There was no mention that it was not set up in the Nest app, I’ll note.

To get it set up where I could do sound detection and call emergency services, I had to re-enter my home address, choose what Google speakers I wanted to be listening (these were my Mini, my Google Home Display whatever that thing is, and the two original Home speakers. My Lenovo Smart Display and other speaker were not available).

I also got to choose whether to listen for glass break, smoke alarm, or both. I chose both because when my kids break a glass we’re probably going to need an EMT out here.

And just like that it was set up – I got a notification that a priority event of setting it up had been completed, it disappeared.

The way to get into your new Nest Aware settings is Google Home, Settings, Nest Aware. Because the Nest App would be too gauche.

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