KeySmart CleanKey – avoid touching surfaces, self sanitizes

With that virus running rampant still and having killed 406,000 people worldwide so far chances are you might not want to get it. If not because you’re in the target demographic, then maybe you don’t want someone you love to get it who might be affected.

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CleanKey – airtight sealed for your protection
Retractable keychain: you’re own your own here

Disclaimer: this Paul King from Nashville is not the Dr. Paul King from Nashville. Don’t take medical advice from a blogger who can potentially make a buck fifty from selling you stuff.

Alternately perhaps the prospects of potentially spending 90+ days with a 103 fever just aren’t for you… whatever the case, for the most part you can prevent most disease with masks, washing your hands, and with the KeySmart CleanKey by just not getting the virus all over your fingertips before you scratch your nose for the 11th time inadvertently this hour.

Copper kills germs and bacteria. Brass, which the KeySmart CleanKey is made of, is an alloy of copper and zinc. According to the EPA that’ll kill most bacteria within a couple of hours of exposure and according to the ASM on average reduced bacterial load 95% in hospital settings. Harvard study says about four hours.

KeySmart CleanKey

This means if you touched your CleanKey on a surface covered in coronavirus sputum (or flu, or whatever virus of your choice is,) within a couple of hours the viral load on it would most likely be significantly diminished and by four hours you could expect it would probably be gone.

Still, wash your hands, and mask up per CDC and now WHO guidance as of June 6, 2020.

The CleanKey can act as a finger when you need to touch a touch screen or an elevator button, it’s got a hook on it to open doors, and it comes with a little retractable belt connector so you can have it outside your pants and ready for use without having to reach in a pocket and touch the surface, which might have been covered in viral loaded spittle as discussed before and would defeat the purpose.

Overall, it’s a pretty useful low tech pocketable device that in any disease season can be used to distance yourself from infection if used properly.

There are other brass and copper hook keys out there, this is what was sent to me for review. So far I’ve opened doors, tapped touch screens, used it on elevators, and tried using the hook to hold a bunch of grocery bags but that didn’t work out so well.

KeySmart CleanKey

The CleanKey, great. It’s a hunk of metal. The retractable badge-grade carabiner? Meh. It works. No huge complaints but it feels a little on the meh side.

Grab a KeySmart CleanKey at Amazon.

I will note if you’re looking for a better price on this idea (there are many variations on a theme,) make sure you check the metal as things like the Covid Claw aren’t brass/copper and might (notice I say might here,) not have the desired effect on whatever virus you’re avoiding that particular pandemic or work as a touch screen tapper.

At this point in June 2020, I’m also going to point out I feel this product is currently way overpriced. This is not something that should cost over $10, especially when it’s useful and in the interests of public health and and we’re in the middle of a worldwide health crisis and this can be helpful in preventing the spread of disease.

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