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This is just a list of what happened today and might help someone out with a headache. (Also something I can post to actually do a test on the site)

Yesterday I got an email from our hosting provider Skystra that we were using 96% of our storage space. A 20 year old site, 25,000 images, yeah that sounded about right. I did what any techie would do and decided to run an image optimizer on 25K images and watched as it went through each one reducing some of those old JPEGs from 200 K to about 50, and creating 4-8K webp images. Life appeared sweet.

2020 09 12 19.10.22 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

At the end of the day I logged into the Skystra portal and it showed we had about 7% space free now, things looked like they were going in the right direction.

I got a message this morning that email didn’t work for one of the authors here. Odd… also noticed several of the images that would have been webp’d (the last 6 or so) were not showing up. Odd.

http://pocketables.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/RVD_2ndGen_-VenetianBronze1-800×445.jpg would display, but http://pocketables.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/RVD_2ndGen_-VenetianBronze1-800×445.jpg.webp would not in spite of being in the directory, and looking fine when I looked at it.

A rewrite rule somewhere I suspect. That or an ownership rule for the file which I haven’t jumped into yet.

Skystra got back to me pretty quickly. Their dashboard was lying to me, I was around a gig over the limit. Not sure where or why still but that was the case. As to why the webp conversions are showing blank, no idea. I had to disable lightspeed cache and ewww image optimizer to even get anything to work again.

A few more emails to them and I was told to restore my site from last night, but the problem here is I lose 4 articles from yesterday if I restore from prior to hitting the optimize button.

Disabled enough stuff that bad webp is not a problem at the moment, we’ll see what happens from here.

Decided to nuke all the webp files – couldn’t see any reason why the rewrite rules were selectively not allowing me to get some of the webp content – as a note, it was only some of the webp content that was made last night wasn’t working… other file sizes seemed to be fine… weird times… I checked, the owner and file permissions were right, you could download the file and it worked with the host file manager… it was weird.

deleted all the webp files via shell

find . -name "*.webp" -type f -delete

Don’t try that at home kids…

Reenabled things and re-webp’d an image or two and things appear to be working…

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