EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional review – move apps & accounts wherever they need to go

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional is a Windows application that helps you backup and move Windows apps from one machine to another, or from one partition to another, and can save you some headaches attempting to locate old software install media and codes when moving to a new machine.

TL;DR – works well, had no issues with performance, price tag seems a bit off.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

As a note, there are three versions of this, the Free, the Professional, and the Technician. I tried the Free and Professional versions.

When dealing with a computer that’s been lived on for a while you’ve got tons of software, scores of accounts, and enough embedded registry and license information that going through and moving everything is a chore. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional (or any version,) attempts to take the hassle out of moving data and analyzes, compresses, and transfers the data for you (if you’re on the same network,) and reinstalls whatever you want on the destination machine.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

I was provided with a Professional license by EaseUS to play with their app, and used it on a network disconnected virtual machine to make a backup of 7+ years of accounting apps and data and move them to a new machine. I have no idea how to convey that getting the installer software was going to be a conversation and a half with licensing/tech support of two companies, but thankfully due to EaseUS Todo PCTrans this was a set of conversations I did not have to have.

This is good, I was not in the mood to talk to people.

Several accounting softwares with specific tax tables moved with no issues and were up and running on the new machine in about an hour with 99% of that time the computers just doing their own thing. I’d selected to back up everything and copied a 50+ gig file to the destination machine, that was a little overkill but I didn’t want to have to bring the old machine back to life more than needed as I didn’t quite trust it.

One of the apps it said wouldn’t work properly. I don’t recall what it was, but it was one out of 50 or so and was not something we used any more. Licenses that were contained on the old machine appeared to move correctly, and there was little to no setup required on the other end. It worked.

Should be noted that scan and export application keys is not something the professional version lists, so your license moving may vary.

Besides being able to move computer to computer you can also move applications locally from disk to disk. I don’t consider that too much of a selling point as you can generally just copy and mklink / junction directories, but it’s a feature they’ve got. Reminded me of a windows app a long time ago called Tide Mover if I remember correctly.

The free version allows you to move a couple of apps from one PC to another and transfer 500MB 2GB of data (2GB as of 2022.) That didn’t really work for any use I had as the data was huge, but it’s an option you can play with if you just want to see if it’ll work for you.

Overall, I liked the program. It probably saved me a couple of hours just calling software support and tracking down a client’s registration numbers. The one thing I’d like to see is something between the Free and Professional versions in terms of price and target user. I think for a home user the price point on this should probably be $15-$24.99, and you’re sort of stuck going the Professional route which is $50 if you want to do anything at scale.

Pro is priced well for an IT technician tool, but not a good price point for a home user who just got a new machine, and I think that’s where EaseUS should be aiming because this thing was easy, works, and probably even worth it at their $49.95 price point. I dig it.

You can find EaseUS Todo PCTrans here

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